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Yueyang Kaimeite Electronic Specialty Rare Gases Co., Ltd

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Hunan Kaimeite Gases Co., Ltd., established on June 11, 1991, is major in R&D, production and sales of dry ice, food additive liquid carbon dioxide and other industrial Gases, which are widely used in beverage, metallurgy, food, tobacco, petroleum, agriculture, chemical industry, electronics and other fields.
Our business covered varies goods and service, including by oil chemical tail gas (gas), the torch gas as raw material to produce, filling, sale and transport of industrial gases, medical gases, standard gases, special gases, mixed gases, food additives, electronic chemicals, gas products technical advice, gas detection, gas cylinder testing and processing, storage service, Ammonia sales, plastic products production and sales, warehousing (excluding dangerous explosives), leasing, cargo transportation, cargo import and export trade.
After more than 30 years of accumulation, the company's main products gained majority of customers recognized due to high purity, stable quality. We also earned a good reputation by our professional services, and established long-term and stable cooperative relations with a number of famous downstream enterprises .
Our subsidiary YueYang Kaimeite Electronic Specialty Rare Gases CO., LTD., was founded in January 2018. The company implements the electronic special gas project in stages according to the market situation, and is ready to complete the construction of 25 sets of purity gases and mixes gases production and processing equipment, forming a professional development, production and processing base for electronic specialty gas and mixes gas with great influence in the industry. And YKMT will introduce advanced gas cylinder processing, specialty gas purification and blending technology to produce ultra-pure gas and multi-component mixes gas urgently needed in semiconductor, panel, aerospace, medical and other fields. Products include: 5N neon, 6N helium, 5N krypton, 5N xenon, propulsion 6N xenon, 6N hydrogen, 7N carbon dioxide, 5N carbon monoxide, 6N nitrogen, 6N argon, hydrogen chloride laser mixes gas, fluorine-containing laser mixes gases and other electronic specialty gases.

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Office Address: Qilishan, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, China
Factory Address: Qilishan, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, China
Business Phone: 86--18807303688(Working time)   
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